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June 15 2017


Climate change study in Canada's Hudson Bay thwarted by climate change

Source: The Guardian - Warm temperatures create perilous ice conditions off Newfoundland, trapping fishing boats and tankers: ‘It’s not something you would expect to see there’

Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters

Source: The Guardian - Daniel Pauly is calling for a new plan to manage fishing levels as the industry’s expansion combines with global warming

Climate change: Could melting Antarctic ice actually help to combat it?

Source: ABC News - A team of scientists has found evidence that ancient volcanoes in Antarctica played a role in global climate and could help combat climate change now.

Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change – here’s why

Source: The Independent - Poverty and conflict mean the nation is struggling to deal with rising temperatures

Ex-UN Chief says Trump must rethink on climate

Source: Associated Press - Donald Trump should stand "on the right side of history" by reconsidering the decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change accord, former United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday.

Replacing trees with bamboos halves the carbon storage capacity of forests

Source: Phys.org - Subtropical forests are among the most important ecosystems in terms of carbon sinks, fixing carbon from the atmosphere.

Marshall Islands leader appeals for help on climate change

Source: News 24 - The president of the Marshall Islands is appealing for help to convince US President Donald Trump of the need to fight global warming following his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic

Source: National Geographic - Temperature changes around the globe are pushing human pathogens of all kinds into unexpected new areas, raising many new risks for people

Wind, solar produce 10 percent of US electricity for first time

Source: The Hill - Wind and solar produced 10 percent of the electricity generated in the United States for the first time in March, federal energy officials said Wednesday.

European Parliament criticizes U.S. withdrawal from Paris agreement

Source: Xinhua Net - The European Parliament, after debating the United States withdrawal from the Paris agreement, adopted a resolution Wednesday in Strasbourg to reinforce the European Union (EU) commitment to the climate deal with plans for new carbon reduction rules, and criticized American backpedaling.

June 14 2017


BP: Global carbon emissions flat for third year in a row

Source: Business Green - Global carbon emissions remained flat for the third consecutive year during 2016, as a sharp fall in coal use, rapid growth in renewables, and energy efficiency improvements all combined to hold down emissions levels.

Ontario’s second cap-and-trade auction sells out of current allowances

Source: Global News - Ontario’s second cap-and-trade auction sold out of its current allowances this month, bringing the program’s total revenue so far to nearly $1 billion.

Tropical peat forests can become carbon emitters

Source: Manila Times - Peat bogs in tropical forests, long key outlets for greenhouse gases, could dry up from farming and global warming, further accelerating climate change and putting more pressure on wetlands, a study out on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) found.

European airports double their pledge: 100 carbon neutral airports by 2030

Source: Travel Daily News - As the 27th ACI Europe Annual Congress formally kicked off in Paris, the European airport industry renewed its commitment to reducing airports’ impact on Climate change, announcing it was doubling its carbon neutrality target for 2030.

Host of next United Nations climate conference turns to California in the global warming battle

Source: LA Times - As the president of this year’s United Nations conference on climate change, Fiji’s prime minister is responsible for rallying countries to battle global warming.

California governor named adviser for UN climate conference

Source: AP - California Gov. Jerry Brown was named Tuesday as a special envoy to states at the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, further elevating his international profile as a leader on the issue as President Donald Trump backs away from a key international agreement.

Climate change: Apple shows Trump the way, issues $1 bn 'green' bond

Source: IANS - Apple move comes just weeks after Trump announced the US will pull out of the Paris climate accord.

Tropical peat forests risk turning from carbon 'drains' to emitters

Source: AFP - Peat bogs in tropical forests, long key outlets for greenhouse gases, could dry up due to farming and global warming, further accelerating climate change and putting more pressure on wetlands, a study out Monday found.

EU leaders to back closer defense ties, Paris climate accord - summit draft

Source: Reuters - European Union leaders meeting next week will agree to boost cooperation in the areas of security and defense and express support for global trade and the Paris agreement on fighting climate change, according to a draft joint statement.
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