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March 24 2017


2nd report on India's green house gas emissions out soon

Source: Economic Times - The second biennial report on India's green house gas emissions will be released soon, a top Environment Ministry official said today.

Research shows link between temperature rise and human influence, says head of UN climate panel

Source: IBNS - Speaking on Thursday at a United Nations forum to invigorate political momentum on climate change, the head of a major UN panel on climate change underlined that human influence on the climate system cannot be disputed.

UN urges countries to remain committed to Paris climate deal

Source: The Nation - Climate change is an unprecedented and growing threat to peace, prosperity and development and addressing it presents an economic opportunity for governments and business, senior United Nations officials said Thursday.

Al Gore: Congressional Republicans could help defeat Donald Trump's anti-environmentalist agenda

Source: The Independent - A group of Republicans in the US Congress are about to commit to taking action on global warming with only “a few more” needed to create a working majority on the issue, Al Gore has said.

Global Warming: Climate Scientists Propose 'Carbon Law' To Achieve Zero Emissions By 2050

Source: International Business Times - The long-term, and what many say is somewhat unrealistic, goal of the Paris climate agreement ratified last year is to achieve zero global greenhouse gas emissions latest by 2080. Doing so, climate scientists argue, is a crucial prerequisite to limiting the rise in global temperatures to within 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels.

Another reason to flip the off switch: light pollution

Source: AFP - For the 11th year running, cities worldwide will turn their lights off Saturday to mark Earth Hour in a global call to action on climate change.

President Trump may ‘decide not to pull the US out of Paris agreement’

Source: CNBC - President Donald Trump may yet decide not to pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement, the international accord to reduce the impact of climate change, according to Al Gore, the former U.S. Vice President.

Faced with ‘clear science, real threats,’ countries must remain committed to Paris climate deal – UN

Source: UN News Centre - Climate change is an unprecedented and growing threat to peace, prosperity and development and addressing it presents an economic opportunity for Governments and business, senior United Nations officials said today.

There's about to be a solar 'boom' in India and companies are lining up to profit

Source: Business Insider - India is betting big on renewable energy and solar companies are taking notice.

March 23 2017


Nubes: ¿pueden ayudar a predecir el cambio climático?

Source: DW - Aunque las veamos todos los días, las nubes siguen siendo un misterio para los científicos, porque hasta ahora impiden las predicciones del cambio climático. Pero un nuevo atlas podría cambiar dicha situación.

Un apagón mundial por la “hora del planeta”

Source: El Día - El próximo sábado, en todo el planeta se apagará la luz. Será durante una hora y no se debe a ninguna falla eléctrica, sino a que ese día se celebrará la “Hora del Planeta”, una iniciativa global que convoca a un apagón eléctrico de una hora en casas, empresas y dependencias públicas para protestar y concientizar sobre el cambio climático y que se realizará en cientos de ciudades del mundo.

Uno de cada cuatro niños carecerá de agua en 2040, alertó Unicef

Source: El Tribuno - La agencia de Naciones Unidas para la Infancia (Unicef) advirtió que en poco más de dos décadas casi 600 millones de niños estarán viviendo en áreas con fuentes de agua potable severamente limitadas, ya que el crecimiento demográfico y la creciente demanda de agua chocan con los efectos del cambio climático.

Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters

Source: AP - Maine laws protect people from discrimination based on factors such as race, disabilities and sexual orientation, and a Republican lawmaker wants to add a person's beliefs about climate change to that list.

China blames climate change for record sea levels

Source: Reuters - Chinese coastal sea levels hit record highs in 2016, driven by climate change as well as El Nino and La Nina events, the country's sea administration said.

Debaten en ONU sobre cambio climático y desarrollo sostenible

Source: Prensa Latina - La Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas celebra hoy un foro de alto nivel para abordar la relación entre el cambio climático y la Agenda 2030 de Desarrollo Sostenible.

‘Pakistan seventh among countries vulnerable to climate change’

Source: Dawn - Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid on Wednesday said Pakistan was among the top five countries having a dedicated law on climate change which would help the country progress and achieve sustainable growth.

Women Saving the Planet: Lidy Nacpil of the Philippines

Source: Pacific Standard - The veteran civil-society advocate came of political age under the Marcos régime in the Philippines. Today she’s one of the busiest organizers in the world.

President Konrote addresses UN World Water Day

Source: Fiji Times - EIGHTY per cent of Fiji's total population has access to treated and reticulated water.
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